Film Review: Vampire Academy

Written by Lauren H.


Never mind the usual high school crap we all go through. Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters throws in magic, three kinds of vampires, plus the extra problem of being hot for a very hot Russian teacher. This book-to-film adaptation is almost a fan-girl’s dream: I was only disappointed by Dimitri not being dripping wet and shirtless at the same time. Filled with sass, (bad) puns, and strong reminders that this film shares a director with Mean Girls, the one true weakness of this film is that viewers need to read the book to understand how hilarious this film is. Even if you haven’t, it’s pretty damn funny.

Trailer: Vampire Academy


One thought on “Film Review: Vampire Academy

  1. So on a scale of ‘so bad it’s good’ to ‘this is actually hilarious’ levels of funny, how funny was the adaptation? I’m just curious because I had plenty of problems with the book and I heard not-so-great reviews for the movie (I couldn’t have been the only person who wanted this to be like Heather, but with vampires, right?) so yeah, I’d love to hear more on your opinion of it.

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