TV Show Review: How I Met Your Mother (Finale)

Written by T.G.


Tuesday (in the US) marked the ending of the nine-year series How I Met Your Mother. Set up as a romantic tale of true love and destiny, it spanned more than 200 episodes and had around nine million viewers. The meeting, built up over years and years of storytelling, was probably the biggest cop-out I have ever seen. The ending reeks of cold feet and of the creators hastily going back on their own idea. Spoilers: The Mother dies and then Ted goes and gets the blue French horn to win Robin back. Seriously? SERIOUSLY!? Fuck off. It is literally the worst possible outcome I could have imagined. I really liked Cristin Miloti’s Mother. She was lovely and endearing and worked well with Ted (Josh Radnor). But no, it had to be Robin. And that’s basically ruined the whole point of a series that we now realise could have given up about halfway through season three. The conclusion they set up across many series – Barney asking ‘What’s next?’ after sleeping with 200 women, Ted promising to tell his kids every little detail of how he met their mother because he had never heard his own parents’ story, Robin floating in to the sky as Ted symbolically let her go – did not pay off in the finale. Worse, from a purely logical point of view, their conclusion did not follow from the premises. Don’t bother watching finale, and certainly don’t bother watching the ending. It is mediocre right up until it has an almighty cop-out and sends Ted after Robin once again. It sends every character back to the cardboard cut-out of an archetype they started as after about 15 minutes; it totally negates all character development. Seriously, it sucks. What a terrible ending to a series I genuinely enjoyed. Fuck.

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