Club Spotlight: Deakin Health Promotion Society (DHPS)

Just over two years ago, an idea was cooked up in the brain of a health-wise Deakin student. That idea has now expanded to a university club of around 150 members and growing: the Deakin Health Promotion Society.

Our focus is on promoting all aspects of health to the community and connecting students to opportunities that will further their careers in the health industry.


In order to achieve this we have organised many events this trimester, going off the success of activities from the past couple of years. This includes hosting soup and smoothie stalls on campus, which encourage both healthy eating and small donations to various charities. The next major event will be a careers night, in which we will host a panel of health professionals from a range of areas to talk about their pathways and engage with the students who have an interest in that career. Throughout the month of April we will encourage an active lifestyle by providing fun, affordable and accessible exercise classes on campus. We also aim to assist in promoting volunteering opportunities, both individually and as a group.  These events will be available to all students, regardless of whether you’re a member or not.

Health promotion is defined by the World Health Organization as ‘the process of enabling people to increase control over, and improve their health’, and this is precisely what the Deakin Health Promotion Society strives to do within the Deakin community.

To get involved in what the DHPS does, sign up at the DUSA office or online.

For more information, visit and Like the DHPS Facebook page.

By Bethany Griffiths

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