Are the Burgers Better than Hungry Jack’s?

Written by Matt Emmet.

Does Deakin have any burgers on campus? Are they any good? Could they be better than the flame-grilled varieties offered by the Hungry Jack’s up the road? Those were the big questions Chloe and I sought to answer for WORDLY. We had our fears, doubts and moments of trepidation but ultimately, Chloe and I leave no burger uneaten. We went to Food 4 Thought to conduct our investigation.

Upon arrival at The Learning Space, we discovered that Food 4 Thought had a vegetarian option in the form of the Mushroom Burger. Another question was then added to our list of queries and battle lines were drawn. Could a vegetarian burger trump the traditional meat burger?

I became a vegetarian for a few minutes and ordered the Mushroom Burger, which packed a grilled field mushroom, kale, brie, caramelised onion, balsamic, and pesto. Yes, I know, this burger has shades of hipster and I admit that I raised my eyebrows so high that they almost merged with my hairline, but sometimes life is about stepping outside your comfort zone—so step outside I did. The choice of a field mushroom over the usual Portobello was justified. It was flavoursome and fresh, even if it did lack the thickness of the traditional beef burger patty. The kale wasn’t crispy like lettuce, although it does make you feel a little bit fancy. The caramelised onion was sweet, as is the bun. The brie was the burger’s weakest link by virtue of it being too strong. It was a little tangy and left an odd aftertaste. Chloe wasn’t a fan and neither was I.

Chloe bought the Cheeseburger, which contained a beef patty, cheese, tomato, lettuce, pickles, ketchup and mustard. I could already smell her burger upon receiving it, even though it was still inside the bag. I was expecting her to love it, however, her response was actually a little mixed. She gave the pickles, mustard and beef big ticks, with each of them interacting to great effect. However, the bun-to-beef ratio was a little wayward and there were perhaps too many pickles (which wasn’t something I’ve ever heard Chloe complain about). For those of us who are pickle-obsessed, the overload of these tangy little morsels is a delightful change from the sad single pickle you are likely to receive from fast-food. All the ingredients were there, but with too much bun and not enough beef, Chloe felt that the balance wasn’t quite right. I could see what she meant, but I still very much enjoyed my two bites. It was good.

Our chips each came with a side of gravy. While Chloe’s gravy was watery and flavourless, mine tasted just as gravy should. This inconsistency led to Chloe pinching mine, which was not appreciated.

On top of all this, Chloe and I shared a Snickers milkshake. While not as decadent as something you might find off-campus, the milkshake is still strong. Chloe called it the highlight of our meal, and I agreed. It had a rich, nutty taste and a thick texture.


We had to award the points to the Cheeseburger. The pickles and mustard carried it to victory, even if there were too many of them.


The Cheeseburger costs $10.50, while the Mushroom Burger costs $12. A regular milkshake costs $5.50.


Studious with a hint of procrastination, The Learning Space is the perfect place for a lunch break.

Dietary Requirements

There’s no vegan burger, but the Mushroom Burger can probably be altered on request. Food 4 Thought is vegan friendly.


Food 4 Thought is located in The Learning Space on level 1 of Building H.

The Last Bite

Burger addicts should consider getting a hit here when they’re stuck with cravings on campus. Save the walk up the road.


The burritos here are amazing.


Matt’s work appears in the Myth and Ethereal editions of WORDLY Magazine.

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