Deakin Burwood Announces Imminent Bar Opening

Campus Life

Deakin University announced today that a bar will be opening at their Burwood campus as early as June 2019.

Deakin’s Burwood campus has been without a bar since the sudden closing of Mrs. Robinson’s in early 2018 and the local university students have been left to fend for themselves to find a good drink.

Alfred Deakin, the university’s founder made the shock announcement this morning declaring that “This is a triumph for our students and campus life.”

Students on campus are elated about the decision with one of them being first-year student Charles La Trobe. ‘We have had to walk all the way to Swinburne Uni to get a decent drink,’ he said. “The Hawthorn Hotel is always a banger but it’s too far to stumble home after a few Jäger bombs.”

Postgraduate student John Monash has found studying without a bar on campus to be a more sombre experience. “I miss the days of Einstein’s (predecessor of Mrs Robinson’s) where we would skip class and belt out ‘Wonderwall’ at 11 am on a Tuesday. I’m glad I’ll get to briefly enjoy the new bar before I finish my degree.”

It has been rumoured that Deakin’s iconic cube may even be the location of the new bar.

Further information will be released in the coming weeks regarding the construction and opening of the new bar.

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