Mass Confusion On Campus Over Daylight Savings

Written by Casey Cash
Campus Life

Confusion has broken out across all Deakin University campuses as once again students forget to account for Daylight Savings.

During the previous night, the clocks went back an hour and there have been multiple reports on all campus of lecturers and tutors arguing over who is on time to their classes.

The biannual phenomenon throws campus into chaos as despite multiple warnings from the University, students and staff still completely forget this happens until the actual day.

“I had no students in my 9 am seminar this morning because they all forgot.” Head Lecturer of Cultural Studies Ben Kerr remarked.

“Honestly it was a blessing in disguise, I spent the hour watching Vine Compilations on Youtube instead of teaching.”

The purpose of Daylight Savings is to extend daylight hours in the summer months and to give anyone a free pass to be late on the day it occurs.

Daylight Savings Delirium (DSD) has been known to affect students for the rest of the semester as some are not seen in the regular classes again.

Some international students were left particularly perplexed especially those whose home countries do not use Daylight Savings.

Born in India, Jimmy Singh was found on campus by the WORDLY team after missing his one-hour business seminar.

‘“Seriously, how do you Australian’s just lose an hour like you lose in the Cricket?”

If you know anyone affected by DSD please contact Deakin University’s Medical Centre for support.

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