Gouda Gone Better

Written by Dominic Trungove

Katie stifled a yawn as she drummed her fingers against the table, nodding half-heartedly. Throughout the night, she had given many a bored nod, tired ‘uh huh’, and ‘oh that’s interesting’ while her date continued his rather … bizarre rant.

Before now, Aaron had always been a total sweetheart; always smiling and giving well placed compliments whenever they met. Despite his heavyset build, he was handsome with sparkling blue eyes, well-groomed hair, and a scruffy beard that framed his face rather well. He was always so well dressed, never settling for any less than a button-up shirt even on ordinary days. For club events, he consistently wore a gorgeous dark suit that made her heart flutter whenever she laid eyes upon it. When he asked her out to dinner the other day, she had never been happier to accept something in her life and was all too eager to brag about it to anyone who would listen.

Their date had started well enough. He arrived early, in that perfectly fitted dark suit she loved, telling her how beautiful she was. The classic gentleman, it seemed. They travelled by tram to a nice restaurant in the city. When they arrived, Aaron held the door open and pulled her seat out for her in an old-fashioned, but sweet, gesture that left her quite flustered.

It was when they perused the menus that everything went wrong, his eyes lighting up in delight as they discovered the restaurant’s selection of cheeses.

‘You know, the biggest problem with people is that they always default to cheddar. Oh sure, it’s nice if it’s well made. But that’s so basic. You need to get out there, experience more of the world!’ he said emphatically.

‘Right,’ Katie responded indifferently. A waiter approached, smiling broadly.

‘Are you ready to order?’ he asked. Katie opened her mouth to speak but was interrupted.

‘No, no. We’ll order in a bit, we’re just having a fascinating discourse on cheese,’ Aaron dismissed. The waiter nodded, glancing briefly at Katie.

‘Of course. Just wave when you’re ready,’ he said, striding away. Katie’s eye twitched.

‘I’ve had quite a few different cheeses. Did you know that the Swiss have over 450 kinds?’ he asked.

‘I do now,’ she replied, clenching her jaw tightly. She was beginning to get a sneaking suspicion that after an eternity of Aaron milking this barren topic, the night was unlikely to improve.

Check out the WORDLY ‘Forward’ edition to find out what happens next …

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