A New Colour

Written By Kit Croydon

The sky looks different—
a cleaner mixture, uncut.
The wind blows icy cold, and I
hold another cigarette
between numb fingers.
The sunset, once again
explodes with scarlet radiance
over Melbourne.

For the last week, every
dusk has seemed a dawn.
An exuberance, burning away—
shedding atoms of gold
into a churning pearlescent sea.
I cannot go to meet it.

Taking the pilgrimage, instead,
from porch to door, I breathe—
think … I never could.
Or at least I
never knew
how much I wanted to.

Later, I will return again.
Another smoke sacrament.

For the last week, strange lights
have moved in the sky—
translucent birds
above the night-clouds.
I imagine a zeppelin.

I am watching air become airspace,
the ragged vanguard’s approach
somehow slip

And all eyes turn inward
to watch thy neighbour—
his fear ringing out in every

The sky looks different.
A new colour was born. It went
unseen by most—perhaps
again today.

I’ll see it from my balcony,
my numb fingers stretching
out over
the leagues between us.
I am going to meet it.

Kit Croydon is a musician and writer based in the Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne. He is in his fourth year, studying towards a Bachelor of Arts & Education. His poetry deals with themes relating to connection, introspection & alienation.  

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