7 Ways to Fulfil The Travel Bug During COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic landed upon us and threw everything off-kilter. It’s been several months now and the entire world is still feeling the devastating effects of the virus, especially within the world of travel. We can no longer move, drive or fly to places we’ve been to before or always yearned to visit for the first time the way we used to. It’s particularly been … Continue reading 7 Ways to Fulfil The Travel Bug During COVID-19

Hot Air Balloon: An Open Flight Through the Melbourne Sky

‘Had a great birthday. The best view you could get of Greater Melbourne … Everyone should try this once in their life.’ This was a rave comment left on TripAdvisor by Paul L, a hot air balloon reviewer, and my sisters and I couldn’t agree more.  One of my sisters’ birthday was coming up, and we weren’t quite sure what to give her as an ideal treat. After … Continue reading Hot Air Balloon: An Open Flight Through the Melbourne Sky

9 Tips To Help You Manage Chronic Pain

Dealing with chronic pain can be one of life’s most devastating and life-altering experiences. After three or more months—the official duration that defines chronic pain—your new life can seem so far removed from what you would have considered normal even just half a year ago. Now living with chronic pain, it would seem like your entire life only revolves around hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, and medicines. … Continue reading 9 Tips To Help You Manage Chronic Pain

It’s time for new trimester resolutions

I believe the true joy of university life comes in the second trimester (or semester, if you’re at one of those other unis). Why? Because it’s a second shot at everything you wanted to do back in the first trimester, but with even more possibilities for success! Let me explain. When you’re approaching the first week of the university year, it feels a lot like … Continue reading It’s time for new trimester resolutions

Her Weapon of Choice

Content warning: This piece contains mention of sexual and physical assault. His forceful, disgusting acts left her scarred. She felt trapped with no way out. She had laid lifeless in that hospital bed for days, The doctors thought she would never recover. But no coma could cease her anger, There was no prison, not even her own body. Nothing that could silence her or keep … Continue reading Her Weapon of Choice

Birthday Blues

Their muffled words dangled in the air—syllables suspended like helium balloons. Happy birthday! It’s more of a taunt than a song. Hooray, you’re one year closer to dying.  I recoiled as the singers each sang in their own key, until the last line where they synced together and sounded shit collectively. I’m conflicted about what’s worse: the fact that it’s sung at the pace of … Continue reading Birthday Blues

Target Practice: A Shooting Range Experience

Content note: This piece contains mentions of the detailed use of firearms. ‘I wonder what it’s like to shoot a rifle,’ a friend said casually over a prawn chow mein lunch. ‘We should go to a shooting range one day.’ ‘Sure, let’s go on Saturday,’ I said. She laughed, ‘Really?’ ‘Why not?’ I asked.  All we had to do was Google local shooting ranges, make … Continue reading Target Practice: A Shooting Range Experience


I don’t want your heart on a platter,Beating and shivering in clotted bloodFresh from your chest, broken openI never asked you to do thisI am no damsel and you no prince,We were never on the same page Did you even think to ask? I don’t want you to gut yourselfOver me, I don’t want your painDon’t rhapsodise over me, I am no goddess,I never demanded … Continue reading Listen