Join the Team

Looking to join the team and help produce the student-run Deakin WORDLY Magazine? This page will tell you all you need to know.

WORDLY Magazine is largely run by the Editor-in-Chief, with the help of the Managing Editor. These two wonderful people ensure that all parts of production go according to plan (or as close as possible!). Their main roles are to assign pieces to the editorial team and follow up on the editing process.

Sub-editors make up the largest part of the editorial team at WORDLY Magazine, and are involved in: evaluating submissions, structurally editing pieces selected for publication, copy editing and proofreading the magazine. Editors do all this too, as well as a few extra administrative duties to help out the Managing Editor.

A good average workload per edition for a sub-editor is evaluating all submissions, one structural edit (where moderate to heavy work is required, or two structural edits where only mild structural work is needed), two copy edits, and two pages of proofreading. Workload is subject to change depending on editor availability and amount of submissions per edition.

Our production timelines can vary: sometimes they are more generous and other times they are quite tight, so WORDLY values editors that can communicate early and be realistic about their ability to meet deadlines.

With limited funding, we are able to pay sub-editors $20 per edition, but we know you’re in this for the love, not the money, right? We encourage everyone to have fun and enjoy the process, but we also expect they take their contribution to the magazine seriously and be a team player.

Ok, sounds great. But are you hiring?

WORDLY Magazine has closed applications for our early 2020 intake.

Keep an eye on your emails if you’re a subscriber (Deakin Writers member will automatically be subscribed) for our next intake.

Alternatively, email with your interest, and we will contact you when we’re next hiring.