Join the Team

Looking to join the WORDLY team? This page will tell you all you need to know.

Are you hiring?

WORDLY Online is actively recruiting for regular contributors! You can express your interest in being an Online writer here.

WORDLY Magazine is also for submissions to the ‘Euphoria’ edition! Head to Submission Guidelines to learn more.

WORDLY is not currently hiring for production roles. Keep an eye on our social media to know when opportunities with WORDLY come up.

What are the roles within WORDLY?

For WORDLY Online:

Sub-editors for WORDLY Online structurally edit pieces selected for online publication, and copy edit pieces that are almost ready to be published.

The Online Managing Editor, as the title implies, can be thought of as managing the team of sub-editors. They’ll assign pieces, keep schedules, and assist the online editor-in-chief.

The Online Editor-in-Chief is in charge of overseeing everything produced for Online. They decide upon the content, including discussing future content with regular contributors, and it’s their direction that WORDLY Online follows.

For WORDLY Magazine:

Sub-editors make up the largest part of the editorial team at WORDLY Magazine. They evaluate submissions, structurally edit pieces selected for publication, copy edit, and proofread the magazine.

There’s a group of around 3-4 Editors who do all of the above on a larger workload, as well as a few extra administrative and conceptual duties to help out the managing editor and editor-in-chief.

The Managing Editor, as the title implies, manages all of the editors and sub-editors. They assign pieces and make sure work schedules are being kept.

WORDLY Magazine is largely run by the Editor-in-Chief, who ensures that all parts of production are going according to plan. They make the major decisions for the magazine, and are the visionary behind it. This means that they ultimately choose the content, the design, the layout, the direction, and everything else.

Each edition will have a Designer. The designer works with the editors, managing editor, and editor-in-chief in coming up with the look and layout of the magazine, and is ultimately left to design it. Without them, our magazines wouldn’t be anywhere near as nice.

For WORDLY overall:

The Social Media Manager is responsible for our social media accounts, these are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They create, schedule, and post almost all of the content on our social media.

The Communications Manager is ultimately responsible for all of WORDLY’s external and internal communications. This includes overseeing and working with the social media manager. Their tasks include creating campaign strategy, doing a lot of emails–including any sent to you from ‘WORDLY’, gaining publicity, and writing things like this for our website.

The Financial Manager is in charge of anything and everything to do with money. They secure funding for the magazine, organise payments for the team, and budget anything that needs a budget (launch events, marketing material).

The Events Manager organises our launch event. A very important role.

Finally, we will mention the supreme overseers of WORDLY. They are: The Deakin Writers Club executive committee, and Deakin University’s Student Association (DUSA). Their role in WORDLY is primarily letting us exist.