Submission Guidelines

WORDLY accepts fiction and non-fiction pieces, articles, poetry, and art. We accept submissions for our print editions—which will have a closing date—and for WORDLY Online—which we accept 24/7.

Written submissions

We accept submissions of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, articles, and other miscellaneous forms of writing. All submissions should be of previously unpublished, original material. If your submitted piece is considered for publication elsewhere you must let us know straight away.

For our print editions, pieces need to be either between 300 and 700 words, or 1100 to 1200 words—or up to an A4 page for poetry. Articles such as journalistic writing and opinion pieces for the print editions should be about ongoing issues that won’t become outdated before the magazine can be put together and launched.

If you are specifically interested in submitting to WORDLY Online, your piece should be under 1000 words. WORDLY Online is especially interested in publishing articles, journalism, and opinion pieces about current issues.
If your submission to a print edition of WORDLY is not able to be accepted, but is of particularly high quality, we may offer your piece to be published on the website instead.

As per the Australian standard, all submissions should use single quotation marks, the un-spaced em-dash rule, and also follow the general Australian standard for spelling.  For ease of readability and formatting should your piece progress, we recommend keeping the font type common (eg. Calibri, Cambria, Times New Roman), font size 11, 1.15 spacing between lines and a line break between paragraphs rather than indenting. Please limit typos and grammatical issues to an absolute minimum.

When submitting a piece, please name it as the title of your piece + your name, so it will be Title_Name.doc.

Submissions should also be in .doc or .docx formats.

For a print edition, we will accept no more than TWO written submissions per person. To give your pieces the best chance to be accepted, we recommend that you differ them as much as possible.

Please know that you are more than welcome to request to have your piece published anonymously. You must mention this to us when you submit. Your name will even be hidden from the editing team as much as possible.

As a student of Deakin University, you can submit pieces that you have previously submitted as part of individual assignments. You cannot submit something that you intend to use for an assignment. You cannot submit a piece that has been a part of a group assignment if the assignment was done as part of an internship or placement, if you receive funding for your studies, or if the piece was done in collaboration with a Deakin staff member. For more information, you can review Deakin’s Copyright and Intellectual Property Guidelines.

Art submissions

Any and all artistic submissions are welcome. They can range from still images to paintings (submitted as photographs), to graphic design pieces and comics. All art submissions must be submitted electronically, and all we ask is that it is in the highest possible resolution; it’s possible for your work to be one of our WORDLY covers, and that’s two A4 pages!

We are often in great need of art, so your submissions do have a great chance of being accepted. Please don’t be shy to submit.

There is no particular limit for artwork, however we recommend under TEN pieces.

Please have an appropriate title prepared for your artwork/s. If your artwork is untitled and we are considering including it, we will contact you and request a title.

Upcoming themes and deadlines

We are currently accepting submissions for our second print edition of 2020. Submissions should relate to the theme ‘Power’.

Submissions will close March 15th 11:59pm.

To help inspire you, we will be releasing prompts on our Instagram account.

Submit to ‘Power’ Edition here!

When submitting a piece, please name it as the title of your piece + your name, so it will be Title_Name.doc.

Written submissions  be in .doc or .docx formats.

If you are interested in submitting to WORDLY Onlineplease email us with your submission using the email address below.

Please send any questions about submissions to with your name, student number, and a bit of information about what you’re studying.

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